0316Understanding that your brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle, and they are a necessity. If your brakes fail to operate properly, your run the risk of your vehicle failing to stop properly and resulting in a collision. Just like on the 2014 Ford Focus SE, there are common problems that may occur within the braking system and causing you to need to have a certified automotive technician diagnose and repair the symptoms at an auto repair shop in Millville, NJ. Here are five common problems that occur with the braking system.

  1. Car Shaking When Braking: When your vehicle begins to shake when braking, the problem typically comes from the rear brake system.
  2. Soft Brake Pedal: This is a serious problem. If the brake pedal can be pressed to the floor with [...]

0312When you come down with a cold or the flu, there are symptoms and signs that you notice that your body is telling you there is something wrong. Your vehicle is just like your body. When there are issues affecting the performance of your vehicle, it will begin to run abnormal and show signs that are to alert you that you need to schedule service with an auto repair in Millville, NJ. Some signs are noticeable, like a bright check engine light in front of you on the dashboard. Others are a little less apparent, like blue smoke be omitted from the exhaust tailpipe.

What causes blue smoke coming from the exhaust?

All vehicles omit exhaust. In a typical vehicle with no repair issues, the exhaust is usually a clear to cloudy color coming from the exhaust tip. When you [...]

0309Shopping for a new or used vehicle in today’s market, you are left with a lot of choices. One being, are you going to purchase a sedan, sports utility vehicle, minivan or a truck. The majority of vehicles that are purchased today are sports utility vehicles. They are a great compromise between a sedan and a minivan and have a higher resale value just like the 2010 Buick Enclave. It is important once you choose your sports utility vehicle to find a certified automotive repair shop in Millville, NJ. When you are searching for your automotive repair shop, take this into consideration:

Look for a neat and organized facility with vehicles in the parking lot that are comparable to your vehicle. Choosing an automotive repair shop that has older vehicles in the parkin [...]


Most vehicle owners believe that the standard oil and filter changer procedure is every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, which ever comes first. With the advancements in the mechanical engineering and the oil and filter technology, the standard for oil maintenance has changed with it. Contacting your used car repair shop in Vineland, NJ, they can recommend the intervals that you should be scheduling your maintenance. So, it is necessary to change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles?

Can you drive 5,000 miles to 15,000 miles between changes?

The answer is yes. Depending on the type of oil used, if you run a full synthetic oil in your vehicle, based on some manufacturers recommendations, like BMW for example, you can take the car to 15,000 miles before changing the oil and filter. Based on the advanced [...]

0305Warranties are not always spelled out in black and white. Whether it is a warranty for a new vehicle or a carry over from a used vehicle, understanding what is included in the warranty is very important. Speaking with the finance department to get the full details of what is included in the warranty and the amount of time left remaining on the warranty, will help you to determine if you will need to purchase an additional warranty or if you will be covered with what is included.

Warranty Coverages What to Check For

The power train warranty is typically the longest coverage offered on your vehicle. The power train warranty covers the parts that mechanically make your vehicle move. Making sure that your remaining warranty will cover the high ticket parts such as; axles, differentials, drive [...]

0302Most buyers are in the market for a family friendly and safe vehicle. Searching for the perfect vehicle that is going to fit your family comfortably is a top priority, and having a knowledgeable automotive salesman assisting you in your search is key. They can help you from finding the right vehicle, to helping you install the car seats properly into your used vehicle in Millville, NJ. Many car buyers do not consider that their preowned car salesman can assist them in the proper installation of their child’s car seat. Here are a few reasons to get assistance with the installation of the child safety seat.

When you look at the car seat manual, it is not easy to decipher the proper technique to install the car seat properly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most people [...]

0302When you purchase your vehicle from the dealership, most of the time the windows are bare and clear. When the summer season rolls around, this can cause uncomfortable driving conditions. The sun is bright and shinning into your car, blurring your vision while driving. There is an option to help with these problems. Just like the 2014 Ford Escape Titanium, the windows are factory clear.

Why tint windows on your vehicle?

Many buyers who purchase their vehicle from their used car dealership in Vineland, NJ, drive away and do not think about the windows being tinted. They drive off the lot to the glare of the sun in their eyes and the sun visor provides little to no help. Considering to tint your windows will help block the sunlight from entering your windows and making your visibility clearer. This also prevents ultra violet rays from the sun [...]

0226A certified pre owned vehicle is considered the best used cars. The late model vehicles that are lucky enough to get this title, are those that received the best maintenance from it’s previous owners. They do not require any major repairs and are still in showroom condition. Because they earn the title of CPO vehicle, this does not always mean that they are better than any other used car in Vineland NJ. There are pros and cons to purchasing a CPO vehicle. Let’s run down a short list of both:


  • Vehicles that come with a CPO have the added warranty coverage benefits. This is similar to purchasing a new vehicle and a partial of the cost.
  • The dealerships certify it with a multipoint inspection and any repairs were made prior to resale.
  • CPO costs a little more than the average pre owned car in Vineland [...]

0226Spring is around the corner. What does Spring mean, spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Your vehicle has suffered through the winter weather and endured some dirt and grime that needs to be removed. There are many areas that you need to pay special attention to that will assure your vehicle will withstand years more of winter weather. Here are a few tips to keep away unwanted used car repairs in Millville, NJ.

Important area to maintain; the undercarriage

Just like on the 2016 Dodge Caravan you need to pay special attention to the undercarriage of your vehicle. The undercarriage is an area that is not typically seen, so it is not typically noticeable when you wash your vehicle. All of the winter driving has caused a build up of road salt under [...]

0223Exhaust systems are designed for your vehicle with specific purposes. Emissions being the top reason for an exhaust system, the sound output from your vehicle is controlled by this system, as well. It is not always an easy task to tell if there are issues beginning to arise from your exhaust, which is why it is important to schedule a routine check of your exhaust system by our auto repair shop in Vineland NJ. Prevention is the key to eliminating costly repair bills. A few symptoms that may alert you to an issue with your exhaust system are:

Lowered Gas Mileage

With a properly functioning exhaust system, your vehicle does not need to compensate for any air to fuel ratios to perform at its best performance. Any increased fuel consumption may be the result of your exhaust system failing. This may also cause a check engine light [...]

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