2019stressfulIf you are in the market for a used car in Millville, NJ, then you want to do your research before you buy. With that said, don’t let a lot of the common car-buying myths scare you away. At Lilliston Used Cars, we want you to have the facts. That’s why we are here to set the record straight.
Myth #1: All the Good Cars are Online
There are lots of deals to score online, but heading to the dealership to see and test drive a used vehicle is the best way to ensure you get what you want. You must inspect a car before you buy it; otherwise, you could end up with a large headache on your hands.
Myth #2: Dealers Only Want You To Spend More Than You Can
If [...]

2019batteryIf you have concerns about your car battery, you might want to check it with a multimeter. At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ, we have the steps you need to take.
Signs Your Car Battery is Bad
Typically a bad battery exhibits some signs. These include:
• A slow-cranking engine while starting
• Illuminated battery light on the dashboard
• Dim lights
• Clicking as you attempt to turn the engine
• Car won’t start at all
What is a Multimeter and How Do You Use It?
The multimeter measures how much voltage is in the car battery. This lets you know if power is stored inside.
1. To test your car battery, simply turn on your headlights for a couple of minutes. This gets rid of any [...]

2019maintenanceAfter you purchase a car, you might think you have nothing further to consider, but that’s simply not true. As your car ages, it loses value and as you rack up the miles, you need to perform maintenance. At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ we want you to be informed about what to expect as your car gets older.
Up Until 15,000 Miles
Typically speaking, there’s very little that goes wrong with a car during this time. All that happens is massive depreciation. In fact, most new cars depreciate 10 percent when they drive off the lot and another 10 percent during the first year.
During this time, you will need to get oil changes and tire rotations. You might also find a replacement set of wiper blades is in order. Just make [...]

Purchasing a vehicle can be a lengthy process. First you research the vehicles you are interested in, you go out to test drive them, you find the one you like and start negotiations, and then you wait to complete the finance process. Visiting a reputable used car dealership in Millville, NJ is one of the first steps to guaranteeing that you are getting the best auto loans in Millville, NJ. Sitting down with a finance director and speaking with him in regards to these questions will assure that you are getting the best deal at the best price.
What are the current interest rates?
There are many lenders available for financing. Used car dealerships have a better reputation with a larger selection of banks, because that is how the secure funding for a preowned car. Inquiring with the finance department to see what the current interest rates are for specific vehicles will give [...]

2019emptyHow do you know it’s time to start shopping for a used car in Millville, NJ? Several signs should alert you to your need for another vehicle. At Lilliston Used Cars, we help customers, just like you, dealing with these predicaments.
Problem #1 – Your Garage Is Always Empty
Sometimes, you just don’t want to walk to the store or take a bus to work. With a busy household, it’s not uncommon to find the garage empty when you have somewhere to be. Kids like to go out on the weekends and your spouse might have a conflicting work schedule. Thankfully, you can find a low-cost used car to add to your personal fleet that keeps everyone happy.
Problem #2 – Your Current Car Isn’t Cutting It Anymore
You bought your car to [...]

minvssuv2019When you require comfort and plenty of space, it makes sense to look at the used minivans for sale in Millville, NJ. At Lilliston Used Cars we offer a complete selection of minivans that are great for families. Here are a few of our favorites.
Top Three Used Minivans to Consider
Think about driving a 2015 Mazda 5. It provides responsive steering, smooth handling and plenty of tech features. There’s also ample interior room so your whole family can be comfortable. This minivan also gives you the opportunity to feel like you are driving a smaller sedan.
With a 2017 Nissan Quest, you get access to a whole list of features. Many of them came standard on all trims, so you don’t even need to spend a lot to get what you want. Many families pick [...]

There are many used car dealerships in Millville, NJ that will sell you the car with the notion that it is the best car in the world. Making sure that the used car dealership that you purchase your next vehicle from does not sell you the moon and the stars, but that they sell you a great, reliable car, at the best used car prices, like the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T. This is a reputation that we do not take for granted. So when you are looking to purchase your next used car or used truck, be sure to ask yourself these questions..
Is there a Vehicle History Report Readily Available?
When purchasing any preowned car or preowned truck, you want to be sure to get the vehicle history report. A vehicle history report will tell you more about the vehicle than just if it has been in an accident. It will also [...]

Purchasing a preowned vehicle in Millville, NJ can be a stressful experience. Visiting a used car dealership that is staffed with knowledgeable sales staff is a major key in a more pleasurable experience. Taking the time to research used car dealerships in Millville, NJ online will help you to determine which dealership you want to visit. Browse through their inventory and browse their reviews. An unpleasant experience can come from an unknowledgeable salesman who is just trying to sell a car to make a commission. Working with a professional and knowledgeable salesman, he will help you make the best decision for your needs, and also make your experience stress free.
It is common for many buyers to arrive at a dealership and not have an idea of what they are in the market for. Making sure you are working with a knowledgeable salesman who can help you with your questions, is essential. They will be able [...]

Winter is always a time of the year that most vehicle owners begin to wonder if their tires are adequate for the upcoming weather conditions. Spring time is typically overlooked. But did you know that spring is the busiest travel time of the year? Having your tires inspected by your auto repair shop in Millville, NJ will ensure that your road trip is safe and worry free. Here are a few points the auto technician will inspect for safety.
Your Tires Age
Not all tires that are installed, were delivered straight from the manufacturer. Sometimes a tire has set on a shelf in a warehouse and has already begun the aging process. Bringing your vehicle in to your auto repair shop in Millville, NJ and allowing the auto technicians to determine the manufacture date will ensure that your tires are strong enough to handle the wear of the upcoming road trip. An old [...]

As you strive to live a healthy lifestyle, you must give some thought to your driving posture. If you commute to work every day, you spend a lot of time sitting in your seat. If you aren’t aligned properly, this can lead to several health concerns that cause pain and drain your bank account.
At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ, we care about you. To make the adjustments needed, check out these helpful tips.
Watch Your Position
You can lift up your hips slightly by moving the seat forward. This also ensures that your knees remain lower than your hips. You will also see an improvement in circulation as you shift into a more comfortable position. It’s vital that your tailbone be as far back in your seat as you can get it. This might leave you with a small gap between the front of your seat and your knees, which [...]

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