Even though it’s not warm enough yet to run your car air conditioning, we still hear this question often. There are several things to consider when evaluating if your used Ford Fiesta or Ford Explorer uses more fuel with the A/C running. First of all, the air is powered through the engine, so it does need fuel to run. Still, it might be the most efficient way to travel. At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ, we want you to understand how your car works. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to help you make the best choices.
How Does a Car AC Work?
The car air conditioning works the same way in the majority of vehicles. There’s a high-pressure gas called refrigerant. This gas works with these other parts:
• Expansion valve or orifice tube — turns the refrigerant into its original gaseous state as it moves it to [...]

Most people don’t want the hassle of dealing with a broken down car. What they don’t know is that some driving habits help extend the life of a vehicle. At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ we want your used car to last as long as possible. Here are some tips to make that happen.
Moderate Acceleration
When you rapidly accelerate, not only do you waste fuel but you strain the drivetrain. Take your time pulling out to care for your transmission, engine and tires.
Drive Often
If you don’t drive your car often enough, you stop the oil from circulating. Every vehicle should be operated at least once a week to prevent dry oil seals and maintain the charge in the battery.
Take Longer Trips
While you are driving, avoid short trips. They don’t allow your engine to heat up properly. Consider combining your errands so the car [...]

Having good credit is a very important part of getting ahead in life. Without good credit it will be very hard for a person to auto loans in auto loans in New Jersey. There are a variety of things that can affect a person’s credit and getting the dings that are present on the report is a vital part of improving it. Finding the right financial professionals to help with this process will be worth it and can help guide you in the right direction. Rebuilding your credit can take a bit of time and effort, but it is more than worth it considering the results.

Take a Look at Your Credit Report

A very important thing that a person will need to do when trying to get their credit back up to par is to take a look at the things on it. Getting a copy of a credit report is the best way [...]

Spring is around the corner and it is time to pamper your vehicle for all of its hard work over the winter months. The past few months your vehicle has worked harder than usual and that can put a strain on any vehicle, no matter if it is 6 years old or 6 months old. When the sun begins to shine through those winter clouds, it is time to think about your vehicle and schedule an appointment with your used car repair shop and show your appreciation by pampering it and getting it ready for the warm months to come. This is what you can expect when you bring your vehicle in for its spring tune up:

Tune Up Services to Prepare for Spring

Spring tune ups are beneficial to vehicles to get them back in shape after being stressed from the winter. Winter debris build up under the hood of your vehicle, if not [...]

Brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, you can put yourself, passengers and others on the road, in danger. Avoiding common symptoms that alert you that your brakes need to be inspected and replaced, you have the potential of causing an accident when your vehicle fails to stop. There are many common issues that can occur, just like on the 2010 Chrysler 300, when the braking system should be addressed by a certified automotive technician at a reputable auto repair shop in Millville, NJ.

5 common issues that occur that should signal you to have your brake system inspected

Car Shaking – When there is an issue with the rear brakes, as you apply the brakes, the vehicle will begin to shudder under the pressure of the brakes trying to stop

Soft Pedal – If you can press the pedal to the floor, with little or no reaction [...]


Suspension is an important part to the quality of your ride in your vehicle. Having a properly functioning suspension is important, not just to the ride of your vehicle, but the way your vehicle functions. Like on the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, that features a Quadra-Lift Air Suspension that utilize air springs that allow the vehicle to rise and lower in a span of 4.1 inches, unlike traditional coil springs that comes standard on most vehicles. When these begin to fail you will notice that the ride and handling is affected.

Symptoms of bad shocks or struts

Excessive Bounce – Your vehicle is either equipped with shocks or struts. These are components designed to absorb the bumps in the road and create a smoot ride. As the begin to break down, the vehicle will begin to have more noticeable dipping in the bounce, even after you have went over the bumps.

Nose Dives and [...]

When you get sick, your body has a way of alerting you, headache, fever. Did you know your car has indicators to let you know that it too is sick? Maybe it is running a little rougher, idling a little higher than normal. These are some indicators that you may need to get your vehicle in to your local automotive repair shop in Millville, NJ to have it inspected and diagnosed. A tell tale sign that there is something wrong is the notorious check engine light. But that light will not always illuminate when a problem is beginning to occur. Here are a few signs for you to be aware of, letting you know that it is imperative to have your vehicle check immediately:
Odors Coming from the Tailpipe
One common issue that occurs when you begin to notice a funny smell from your tailpipe is a faulty catalytic converter. The catalytic converter [...]

Any creditor will experience bumps and bruises in their credit history. Successfully achieving the dream of automotive ownership does not have to be a hurdle because of it. Not all credit situations are the same, and the finance department at Lilliston Used Cars in Millville NJ understand that. Scheduling an appointment with a finance manager and discussing your financial options is a great starting point.

What to expect

Sitting with an experience financial advisor and discussing your credit history, they will be able to give you options to help to improve your credit to guarantee that approval, the quickest way possible. Even if there are challenges to the credit history that may take a while to resolve, do not worry, they can still assist you to get the needed auto financing. They will discuss the financing options available to you and help you begin the process of selecting your next new or preowned car.

Things [...]

During your search for the best full size SUV, stop in and visit Lilliston Used Cars. With a large selection of new and preowned sports utility vehicles, our staff will assist you in searching the perfect SUV to fit your families needs. Whether it is a full size SUV, or a compact SUV, we have anything in between. One of our most popular choices is the 2015 Dodge Durango, the full size sports utility vehicle that offers third row seating. The 2015 Dodge Durango is spacious and comes with all the benefits and accessories at an affordable price. Fully equipped with navigation, multi-zone climate control, heated seats, blind spot monitoring system, and rear backup camera. It has a gas saving V6 engine with plenty of power.

Things to look for when searching for your preowned SUV:

Before purchasing your SUV, make sure to fully inspect it. Making sure to take careful notice of the interior, [...]

While you can often get more money by selling your car privately, there is a long list of reasons it’s not always the best option. At Lilliston Used Cars in Millville, NJ, we want you to be informed, which is why we are discussing the top reasons you shouldn’t sell your car privately.
Time Factor
The top reason to avoid selling your car privately is to save some time. When you want to trade in your car on an updated model, you don’t want to sit around waiting for your old one to sell. Sometimes, it can take weeks or months to sell your car for a reasonable offer. That’s time you don’t want to give up once you’ve decided to buy a used vehicle.
If you search the Internet, you’ll quickly find that many people looking to sell their cars have to deal with scammers. There are people out [...]

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